undying pursuit of greater joy within every chord

and so they say, 'watch me bleed.'

12 December
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Twenty-four year old Florida native, a newcomer to LiveJournal that is just learning the ropes. I'll mostly be posting the FanFiction that I've written here and it will probably be Gossip Girl/Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf centered.

More music:
Kelly Clarkson. Three Doors Down. Gavin DeGraw. Taylor Swift. Leann Rimes.

More TV:
Everwood. Related. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Boston Legal. House, M.D. CSI Miami. Friends. Boy Meets World. Saved by the Bell. J.A.G. One Tree Hill.

More Movies:
Star Wars. Breakfast Club. Pirates of the Caribbean. Grease. Harry Potter. Twilight.

More Books:
Anne of Green Gables. Confessions of a Shopaholic. Star Wars.

More Hobbies:
Guitar Hero. SingStar. MUSIC. Xbox360. Playstation 2. FanForum. eBay. FanFiction.